|——-ANAL BLEEDING——|*|——|[ ]|_____

if you don’t pass this on to 69 other people, you will bleed from your anus forever

DAMMnMNn n dat shit gon stain

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i’ve just realised i’ve never seen a porno with a black dude, a black woman and a white woman. WHY?!

not bad enough to cause permanent damage, but bad enough to make them cry tears!

everyone’s a fuckin jerk off and i hope they hurt their funny bonez real bad

  • BF: sorry
  • Me: ok
  • BF: are you sorry too
  • Me: what for?
  • BF: the situation
  • Me: i dont think i am personally responsibe, so no, do you feel i owe you an apology?
  • BF: I don't mean personally responsible,I mean sorry that the situation happened
  • Me: sure i'm sorry that the situation happens, in the same way id be sorry for someone's loss when a relative died, despite the fact i didn't kill them
hai guyz!

hai guyz!

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